KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG is currently developing and producing various tools, forged parts, metal heat treatments, specialized blades, edged tools, specialized tools and OEM prototypes. Product exportation began in 1971 as well as the supply of OEMs to tool manufacturers in the USA and Asia, Australia, Europe and more with our high quality, trust and reasonable pricing. Please incorporate OEM products produced with the rich experience and proven results that KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG provides.

Our Strengths

From design, trial production and mass production to the process as a whole, products are created with consistency and quality. Prompt response times and flexible in-order options help to achieve reductions in delivery times as well as cost reductions.

Hot forging achieves overwhelming durability. More so than other manufacturing methods.

It is almost impossible for other companies to manufacture thin blades using a forging process. We have realized this by utilizing technology specific to KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG. Unlike products from other manufacturing methods, please expect excellent durability unique to our forging process.
 More so than other manufacturing methods.

OEM Cases

Company B(Tool maker…

Request They wanted to switch to and increase their use of stable, high quality products made in Japan, as opp […]

Company A( Electric …

Request As thin cable wire for indoor wiring is generally cut with a small manual type cable cutter, the custo […]

Custom Order Procedure · OEM Order Production

Please feel free to inquire through the inquiry form, via e-mail. Please provide a drawing if possible so we may offer a more detailed proposal.
Please inform us of the following information to the greatest extent possible.
【Delivery time · quantity · purpose · material · hardness · surface finish · desired price · other demands etc.】
Quote · Contract
Drawing and design reviews will be performed followed by confirmation of whether or not if it can be handled by our facility. A quote will be provided. We will consider your request and contact you.
Trial Production
A prototype will be produced based on the provided drawings and information. Changes in specifications and estimates according to your request, even after trial production has begun, will be considered.
Mass production
Mass production of the product according to the desired number of orders.
Using measuring instruments, etc., several stages of inspection will be implemented to eliminate defective products.
Shipment / Delivery
Shipping and delivery will occur through our own company or distributor.
Design Image Sheet: Please Download the PDF file and send it via FAX

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