KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG`s Introduction to Heat Treatment

At KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG, we undertake short delivery, cost reduction and more in terms of heat treatment. We can handle heat treatment up to the usual temperature of 850℃.
Quenching, tempering, shot blasting, as well as Rockwell hardness inspection using a mesh type continuous non-oxidization furnace type services are also available

What is non-oxidization quenching?

Oxide films that are created during the upstream process must be removed by polishing which occurs in the downstream process. Also, carbon on the surface may come off (decarbonization), but there are many advantages to heat treatment as shown below:

  1. It not only provides strength, but also hardness and toughness.
  2. Surface oxidation rarely occurs and decarbonization only occurs in miniscule amounts.
  3. It is possible to perform quenching services with short delivery times for small orders as well as mass production.
  4. It is possible to evenly perform quenching on many different sizes of materials by first properly lining up materials before the heat treatment process.
  5. It is possible to receive materials from all over the world.
  • Materials that can be heat treated: structural steel, steel, tool steel and so on.
  • Corresponding heat treatment processes: quenching, tempering, shot blasting, hardness inspection, final surface finish, etc. are also available
  • Products and Equipment Used in Heat Treatment Include:
    All kinds of tools : spanners, blades and wrenches.
    All kinds of machine parts: forged parts and processed metal parts.

Introduction to Heat Treatment Technology Products and Equipment

Non-Oxidizing Continuous Furnace

Mesh Belt Type Non-Oxidizing Continuous Furnace

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Rockwell Hardness Tester


Coordinate Measuring Machine