Forged Parts Manufactured by Hot Forging Technology

Forged cutter with thin blade

Forged cutter with thin blade

Unlike other companies, KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG is able to thinly forge special steel and high-speed steel. With hi […]
Truck parts made of stainless steel

Truck Parts (SUS Made)

Double swing door parts for truck cargo areas. The truck parts are made of stainless steel (SUS) as they requi […]
Shift fork

Shift fork

Used for changing the transmission gear, the shift fork must be highly durable, delicate and precise because i […]

Valve Bridge

Used with valves or arrangements, the valve bridge is susceptible to thermal failure and thus requires high du […]

Connecting Rod

A rod that connects the piston and the crankshaft. It must be able to withstand a large amount of force. It ma […]
Rail fastening

Rail Fastening Device

Used to fix the rail to the sleeper or slab plate, the rail fastening device is essential for the safe operati […]

Valve Rocker Arm

The valve rocker arm is a valve part that plays the role of activating the valve under the force of the cam. U […]
Forged tools

Forged tools

Do to the use of special steel alloys, products with strength and durability are always achieved. In addition, […]
Forged blades

Forged Blades

Blades are forged using special blade steel with the highest quality materials so that they are strong and dur […]

Connector (Regarding Cost Reduction)

There are four protrusions, to the left and to the right, of the lower two part types. However these are not p […]