Forged Parts Manufactured by Hot Forging Technology

Forged cutter with thin blade

Forged cutter with thin blade

Unlike other companies, KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG is able to t […]
Truck parts made of stainless steel

Truck Parts (SUS Made)

Double swing door parts for truck cargo areas. The truc […]
Shift fork

Shift fork

Used for changing the transmission gear, the shift fork […]

Valve Bridge

Used with valves or arrangements, the valve bridge is s […]

Connecting Rod

A rod that connects the piston and the crankshaft. It m […]
Rail fastening

Rail Fastening Device

Used to fix the rail to the sleeper or slab plate, the […]

Valve Rocker Arm

The valve rocker arm is a valve part that plays the rol […]
Forged tools

Forged tools

Do to the use of special steel alloys, products with st […]
Forged blades

Forged Blades

Blades are forged using special blade steel with the hi […]

Connector (Regarding Cost Reduction)

There are four protrusions, to the left and to the righ […]