Company B(Tool maker) Their goal was to increase their stock of stable high quality products made in Japan




They wanted to switch to and increase their use of stable, high quality products made in Japan, as opposed to the poor quality cable cutters made over seas they are currently using as they have received many complaints about them. In order to reduce expenses and labor, it was requested that packages and boxes were manufactured and packaged by KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG.


In order to reduce the initial costs as much as possible, we offered our expertise, made proposals using our ready-made products, adjusted the color of the handle and markings and developed a packaging system to maximize efficiency.

Commitment to development

Because it is a tool frequently used by professional electricians, preventing failure and increasing safety so that work can continue smoothly is important. Our method of forging a cutting blade is almost the same as that used when forging a Japanese sword. By hitting and training the metal at high temperature, high quality can be achieved. Using this production method resulted in a slight raise in price. In order to increase the durability, trial production and testing was repeated numerous times. As a result, the created product received great evaluations overseas.

Client Reaction

There have been no complaints and replacement-parts can also be exchanged. It is popular with end users and is used around the world.

Furthermore, this particular client expressed a desire to work with us to develop and commercialize new items based on their ideas in the future.