KOBAYASHI TOOL’s Hot Forging Technology

Why is KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG chosen above all other companies? Here are three reasons:

1Commitment to Quality

KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG manufactures important parts that require the strength provided by hot precision forging with an air drop hammer. KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG products have unique quality and value that is only available here. The striking force of the hammer is adjusted by pedal operation and the forging process takes time, labor and requires experience for fine adjustments to temperature, speed and pressure. We take pride in the technical skills and knowledge that allows skilled employees to create a rare product that can only be made at KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG, with the feeling of “made in Japan” pride in our hearts.

2Consistent Quality Control

The iron working department has acquired the International standard ISO9001:2008 Authentication. Based on this international standard a strict quality control system has been established. From inspection upon the reception of goods to processing inspection, through to the final inspection before shipment, products are produced according to a fine tuned system that insures defective products do not pass through any stage of the inspection process. Furthermore, many production line staff hold national qualifications in professional forging skills. KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG utilizes reliable technology and knowledgeable staff, and promises to produce high precision products for your every need. Production facilities are also equipped with measurement equipment such as venire calipers, micrometers and wet magnetic particle flaw detectors which are installed within the factory. Measurements made with a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and Hardness Tester are also possible.

3Flexible Production System

With a focus on hot forging, KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG offers machining and assembly processing, heat treatment, shot blasting, and various inspection processes. All work is done with a tremendous amount of responsibility and commitment. Manufactured parts are chosen for important machine parts which require strength, such as the safety components of construction machinery, automobile parts, truck parts, motorcycle parts, power transmission parts and various gear systems. We supply parts all over the world through numerous major companies and are also involved with many partner companies. In addition to hot forging, cold forging and special forging options are available. Top of the line facilities and skills allow for the precise manufacture of parts and products. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Features of Forging

  • Metal flow along the shape of the product results in increased strength.
  • By applying pressure, the structure becomes dense and results in a product free of internal defects.
  • Machining can be omitted or reduced.
  • A reduction in thickness without a loss in strength allows materials to be lighter, requires fewer materials, and ultimately reduces waste.
Features of forgings

Outline of hot forging

When heated to a certain temperature or higher, the metal softens and the distorted crystals turn into ordered crystals. This is one the unique features of metals and is referred to as “recrystallization”. “Hot forging” is a forging process in which a metal is heated to a temperature higher than the “recrystallization temperature”. Doing so causes metal flow lines to form along the shape of the product within the material, resulting in an increase in tenacity and toughness.
Each metal flow line of strcture form

Hot forging achieves overwhelming durability. More so than other manufacturing methods.

It is almost impossible for other companies to manufacture thin blades using a forging process. We have realized this by utilizing technology specific to KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG. Unlike products from other manufacturing methods, please expect excellent durability unique to our forging process.
 More so than other manufacturing methods.

See our quality

The microphotographs (50x magnification) below show the comparison of the endurance test result ( 500 times cutting test of 325 sq.-mm copper wires) among; (a) A Forged cutter (KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG product), (b) Lost wax molded cutter (Product of Taiwan) (c) Blanking machined cutter (made from plate material) (Product of China)

(a) Forged blade (KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG product)

Before the cutting testBefore the cutting test
Before cutting test
forged BladeAfter 500 times cutting test of 325 sq.-mm copper wires
The brighter white area along the edge of the blade after the test reveals that the original black surface finish (corrosion resistance) has been ground off.
The structure of the edge is completely maintained despite the strain of the cutting test. The sharpness of the blade is mostly maintained and is almost as sharp as it was before the test.

(b) Lost wax molded cutter (Product of Taiwan)

Before the cutting testBefore the cutting test
Before the cutting test
500 times cutting testAfter a 500 times cutting test of 325 sq.-mm copper wires
The edge (grinded part) is completely lost and broken. It is afraid that the service life might come to the end before long if continuing usage. The many ditches on the blade surface are scratch marks given by copper wire during the cutting test.

(c) Blanking Machined Cutter (Made from Plate Material) (Product of China)

Before cutting testBefore the cutting test
Before the cutting test
500 times cutting testAfter a 500 times cutting test of 325 sq.-mm copper wires
By the 400th cut, this cutter had broken (that is, the handle springs had broken down). At this point, the test was discontinued. The photo shows the condition of the blade at this time. The edge (grinded area) is completely destroyed and broken. The possibility that the service life of this product might soon come to an end with continued is reason for concern. The many deep scratches on the blade surface are marks created by the copper wire during the cutting test.

Hot Forging Technology Video

Hot Forging Techonology Product Information

Automobile Parts

Automobile Parts Valve Rocker Arm ・Crankshaft ・ Connecting Rod ・ Shift Fork etc.

Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle Parts Camshaft ・ Kick Lever ・ Sprocket ・ Bracket etc.

Various Gear Parts

Various Gear Parts Gear processing is also possible with our hobbing machine.

Construction Machine Parts

Construction Machine Parts Cylinder Bottom・Rod Head etc.

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