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Soil nutrition materials for plants used by professional farmers and fruit growers


  • A soil nutrient material for plants used by professional farmers and fruit growers. It comes as a set containing two 3 kg bags.
  • For gardening, horticulture, flowerpots, fields and orchards.
  • Plants can be subject to disease upon replanting. For that reason, depending on whether the intended use is for potted plants or not, transplanting is necessary every year.
  • Soil can be recycled many times. (It is not necessary to throw soil away as the soil is continuously improved as it is used. It is also a safe fertilizer for the environment.)
  • It neutralizes acidic and alkaline soil simultaneously, so you can apply it continuously to crops and produce healthy vegetables and sweet fruits.
  • Improves poor growth due to acid rain.
  • It is harmless and has no smell as it is made from pure natural rock powder. It remains effective for long periods of time as it does not rely on microorganisms etc. to function.