For the cutting of single wire and multi-core wires or aluminum cables such as CV wire, IV wire, VVR wire, and more. For use cutting cables used for general electric construction · substation installation · communication cable laying etc.


  • Patented high quality ratchet, designed and made in Japan.
  • It uses a strong, specialized forged blade. It is about two times more durable than lost wax blades produced outside of Japan (in-house investigation).
  • Convenient for working in narrow places and can be easily stored in a tool case.
  • The boost precision ratchet mechanism holds the cable tightly and can easily and quickly make a straight line cut with minimal effort.
  • A blade release function allows one to open the blade in the middle of the cutting process. (A cable can be removed before cutting has been completed)
  • As the blades are produced via quenching and precision polishing, cable collapsing is minimal. The produced cut is smooth, cutting copper and aluminum cleanly without leaving sharp edges or burrs.
  • It is the fiber handle which is lightweight and durable.
  • It can be placed where a cut is to be made, and will make the cut.
  • Maintenance is easy and simple as replacement parts are available.


  • Hard steel wires such as hard copper wire and ACSR wire can not be cut with this product.
  • Never cut live electric wires.
  • After use, please remove any dirt or debris as it may cause damage to the cutter. Lubricate the drive blade occasionally to prevent deterioration of the drive blade gear.
  • Please only use this product for its originally intended purpose. Do not exceed the maximum cutting capacity.
  • Please take all safety precautions such as wearing safety glasses etc. while using this product.
  • Please do not touch the cutting edge.
  • Please do not use pipes etc. while inserting into the handle.
  • When cutting is complete, the cable may fall. To avoid injury or property damage, please take all necessary precautions.


Product Number Maximum Cutting Capacity Length(㎜) Weight(g)
RCC-58ET Copper Stranded Wire 500㎟ 400 1,500
Aluminium Stranded Wire 1,000㎟