• Suitable for creating a hole in the ground for a pipe or pile.
  • Makes well rounded beautiful holes
  • Soil accumulates in the spiral section ensuring that soil does not remain in the newly created hole
  • For vinyl housing, the casing will require an additional 50 to 60 cm. It is possible to dig a slightly larger hole to take into account the soil pressure in the ground.
  • It is also ideal for poles, shelves, nets, fence pillar stands, fertilizer application and tree planting work.
  • The auger plays the role of a guide and the two thin blades cut the soil, digging a hole using the repetition of a small force as opposed to a one time large force.

Method of Use

  1. Push the tip straight down into the location where you want to dig a hole
  2. Push down on the T type handle until it reaches the desired depth, turning clockwise.
  3. If pulling the tool up is difficult, turn it counter clockwise slightly, then pull vertically and remove any sediment.
  4. If you want to drill a deep hole, please repeat this, work gradually and repeat this little by little.
  5. Please insert a stake and pipe etc. into the completed hole, fill the gaps with soil and tread so that the pile and pipe will not shake.


  • Please do not use this machine in locations with hard materials such as gravel or stone as this may result in deformation of the tool.
  • If you hit a foreign object in the soil (stone, gravel etc.) do not proceed digging, please find another location.
  • The tip of the drill and the edge of the drill are very sharp , please use caution when handling.
  • Please do not throw this product, use it as a lever or handle it roughly.
  • Please wipe off sediment and moisture after use. Store this product in a safe place out of reach of children.
  • Before use, check that there are no loose parts / rattling noises / cracks etc. at each joint. If an abnormality is present, please discontinue use.
  • If an abnormality occurs during work, discontinue use immediately.
  • Please pay attention and take all safety precautions while working with this product. Ensure that protective eye ware and other appropriate protective equipment is worn during operation.
  • Please do not use this product for anything other than its intended use.