KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG provides the highest quality products made in Japan via hot forging technology, the core technology that gives our products strength. In addition, short delivery times and cost reductions to clients are achieved through a one-stop in-house production system from development and trial production to mass production and shipping make KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG a cut above the rest.

Hot Forging Technology

Used for the production of engine parts for automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and more. The hot precision forging of important machine parts that require strength is achieved via hot forging, heat treatment, and shot blasting. Through vigorous inspection processes we take great care and responsibility in producing only the highest quality products.

Tool Manufacturing

We consistently undertake from development to design, manufacture, inspection and packaging of all products which are work tools such as box wrenches,electric facility tool such as cable cutters, industrial cutting tools and machine parts etc. We are also accepting OEM, exports and imports.

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

We manufacture convenient agricultural equipments that can satisfy people who are associated with farming from hobbies to full-time farmer and we think of labor-saving of farm work and improving safety as the first priority. We propose reliable agricultural equipments made in Japan which made use of the know-how about tool manufacturing.

Heat Treatment Technology

We accept quenching, tempering, shot blasting, rockwell hardness inspection by mesh belt type continuous heat treatment furnace.


We continue to improve the effectiveness and quality of our management system conforming to the international standard ISO 9001, while providing products and services that satisfy our customers. We also provide OEM “made to order” production services.