Company A( Electric Material Manufacturer) Their goal was to produce a small cable cutter specialized for thin cables.



As thin cable wire for indoor wiring is generally cut with a small manual type cable cutter, the customer asked us to produce a small cable cutter specialized for thin cables that would make repeated cutting easy and reduce the possibility of hand pain in workers.


Manual and integrated motorized and hydraulic cable cutters are used for cutting power lines and copper wire. The manual type requires effort from the user while the integrated electric type and hydraulic type are large, heavy, and come with other disadvantages such as cost etc.

We proposed that the problem could be solved by attaching cutters to a general electric drill or electric impact driver, resulting in a lightweight and relatively mechanically inexpensive tool.

Commitment to development

We created an extremely simple mechanism complete with linear reciprocating motion for cutting to ensure lightweight, compact and affordable.

Client reaction

” I want to commercialize this as soon as possible !”

In response to the client’s comments, the development costs and mold costs are dedicated to us by the company so that we can exclusively bring it to the mass production phase. We also believe this may have applications in crimping and swaging as it functions using linear movement.