Hot Forging FAQ – Kobayashi Tools


Frequently Asked Questions

“What makes forged blades so different from casting blades or blanking machined blades?  Since those look the same, I don’t understand the difference.”

Answer:  The strength of the blade is completely different.  We produce high-strength, high-toughness and light blades by hot forging.  In addition, the material is high-grade specialized tool steels so that  the sharpness is excellent and that has a long life.


<Manufacturing methods>

The superiority is come from the difference of the method.

  • Hot Forging: When materials are heated, products are pressed by high-pressure.
  • Lost wax: Pouring liquid metal into a mold.
  • Blanking: Scraping from a plate-like metal.


Each method has its pros and cons.  The chart below shows the comparison of 3 methods. 

<Comparison of Hot Forged, lost wax and blanking machined blades>

     Hot forging blades    Lost wax blades    Blanking machined blades
Strength High pressure makes structure dense and the blade becomes strong. There is a cavity and the metal density poor.  There is a variation depending on the material.
Toughness Repeated bending stress is excellent. Repeated bending stress is weak.  Repeated bending stress is weak.
Thinning Products can be thinned by high pressure. Not suitable because the strength is lost. There is a variation depending on the material.
Preciseness Excellent  Good High-precision machinning is possible by cutting machines.
Lightness Excellent Thickness is necessary to a certain degree. There is a variation depending on the material.
Designability Good Excellent Excellent

Machinning time

Good Excellent  Takes time.
Cost  Relatively lower cost Relatively lower cost There is a variation depending on the materials. 
Mass production Excellent Excellent Fair



“A good cable cutter” for users is good for sharpness, hard to break, as well as lightweight and compact, easy to use even in narrow places.  Although it is important to choose the optimum method according to purpose and application, our hot forged blades are manufactured aiming at the ideal shape that the users desire.