What is forging


There have been many craftworkers called blacksmith (Kajiya) in Japan since ancient times. About the technique in making blades such as Japanese swords, it has developed with efforts to improve the quality of the blades. It is no exaggeration to say that Samurai had dominated the era by having an excellent sword. In addition, the blacksmiths have made not only swords, but also household items and agricultural tools based on requests. “For people who use their blades, things that can keep using with attachments for a long time, things adapted to the how to use and uses of the work, to create authentic even if the price is high.” This was the blacksmiths’s mission.

We inherit the technology and thoughts of the blacksmith to modern tool manufacturing with the technology “hot precision forging”. Forging is a kind of plasticity processing method for metal processing. By applying pressure hitting a metal with a hammer etc,it aims to form the desired shape and increase the strength by crushing the gap of inside metal, fining the crystal, and the arranging direction of the crystal. Since the metal material is formed by plasticity flow applying pressure with a metal mold etc, the structure becomes dense because of the continuation of the fiber flow, and It is hard to occur a gap compared with the casting (made by lost wax), so it is possible to produce a raw materials with excellent strength. We manufacture parts such as engine parts of automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery etc. by hot precision forging. The parts of these large machines need absolute strength. There are many important parts made by forging, and it can be said that it is a proof of how reliable the strength of forging is. Our forged blades are characterized by thin, durable and hardly occurring nicked edge.In order to make the blade thinner, it is necessary to apply the pressure repeatedly and the ultimate skill to eliminate the gap.Applying stronger pressure to make the blade thinner increases the strength. It is excellent for maintainability as well as compactness so that it is a “useful” tool for end users. From the beginning of production, our blade damage claim is zero. There are manufacturers that make forged blades around the world, but there are few companies that have technology to make thin blades like ours.This maintenance and compactness are helping better work of people who handle tools.